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WebGuru 2.0.5

  • Publisher:WebGuru Team
  • Version:2.0.5
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
  • License:GPL
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WebGuru 2.0.5Description

Open source content management system with speed and SEO optimization orientation
WebGuru is a free (Open source) professional content management system (CMS) for complete building of dynamic websites, oriented on search engine optimisation and speed.Without limitsThe CMS is self-installing, multi-user, has full language switching support and is fully modular system. Backend supports user's permissions and is able to access different part of system, pages editing, modules, etc.Optimize your website in a few minutesEntire system is designed for strong SEO (search engine optimization). Now it's up to you if you want to optimize your website for few keywords on personal blog or if you want to increase number of customers for your bussiness.Building a web forms was never that easyWith a little help of our Forms module you can build absolutely customised forms and send anwers in database or send them on your e-mail. Now supports files in forms.XEdit technologyUsing XEdit technology can allow you to edit content of the website directly from the page. If you want to build easy-to-use sollution for your clients, WebGuru XEdit is the best solution. Requirements:
· PHP 5.05 or later
· MySQL 4 or later

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